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Cortex Construction Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified consulting firm providing civil structural stability and safety solutions to industrial, heritage, commercial and infrastructure clients for last ten years. Cortex has developed its own age analysis, structural health & stability assessment, real time structural health monitoring, residual life assessment, conservation and restoration plan, and vulnerability analysis tools and techniques for civil structures.

We also provide load rating assessment to bridges and airports, fitness certification for operation, structural conservation plan to sculptures and heritage buildings, product standardization and quality sustainable repair design along with fire damage, wind, and cyclone and earthquake damage assessment.

Be it structural stability, load carrying capacity analysis or seismic certification, we do all of this and much more, using rigorous diagnosis and analysis report of structures. We have an in-house structural testing laboratory, NDT lab, material characterization and portable diagnosis laboratory along with a stability analysis team. So, we are as complete as it can get.

It has not been very difficult task for cortex team to formulate the technologies for pre-earthquake damageability risk evaluation, categorization of buildings into different scale of damage class and providing detailed consultancy if required for further investigation of building for its repair and retrofitting, retrofitting scheme and its cost analysis.


Our Tools And Applications

" QuakeSavo is a free Mobile & web based software tool for Rapid Visual Survey of Buildings for Potential earthquake damages. Basically, it is an assessment tool that we use to determine whether or not a building will need to be subject to detailed assessment by a structural consultant. "


" First select your city or scheduled rate - select type of building repair or construction of new building, get comparative analysis of estimated cost, available material suppliers in market along with bill of quantity (boq) and specialized vendors & applicators. "


" If there is any leakage-seepage-crack or building is under distress call us we will investigation the reason behind the problem through in-situ test. "

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